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I’ve never Googled myself and I never will! I would be too scared to discover lies and horrible things written about me
Jelly Beans Baron Donates Thousands to Persecute Trans Students →


Thank you Jelly Belly. I believe that you have just helped me start my diet by eliminating your once very much loved product from it. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans were a staple item in our house at the weekends and ALWAYS part of my father’s birthday/Christmas/Father’s Day gift. We were planning to book him a trip to the Jelly Belly factory for his 65th birthday. Not anymore.

Da fuk? Not eating jelly beans anymore :P


Abandon homes always make me so sad.  Why would you leave a perfectly good home?  What horrible thing happened?

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I’ve decided to start the Midnight Sun challenge too, because everyone are so up to it, and it looks kind of fun. Also, I need another game instead of my Harbor save, since I find it boring to play.

The Rules for this challenge are:

  • To survive on this island for…

I would totally try this, but seems too hard :/

I’m hating everything today




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